To Tame or Love or Both or Same?


There it was. I knew it would come out again searching for me like I do every morning. I look for it and then the war of stares starts. We look at each other for as long as we can. Last encounter lasted for an hour or so or that is how I presume it was.

‘Hold on. Not today, today we won’t just stare. We must speak. Would you care to step out of this bush may be?’ I tried sounding annoyed.

‘I cannot. I am not tamed.’

‘I am sorry? I do not want to tame you. Why would you say that? I just want to talk.’

‘But why me? Why do you want to talk to me only?’ That was now its turn to sound annoyed. ‘Do you mean to say I am the chosen one, even though there are plenty of my kind wandering this neighborhood? Why is it me you seek to tame?’

‘I do not want to tame you. What’s gotten into you? Why are you mistrusting me? What do you mean when you say tame? I was now rambling as it was getting on my nerves. I just wanted it to talk to me for a while.

‘It is the most common of acts or feelings or both or same,’ it said amusingly.  ‘To tame means to form a bond, to develop a feeling, a connection that is not shared by all.’

‘Like love?’ I could just whisper. I don’t know why I said that. Embarrassing.

‘There is nothing to be embarrassed about.’ It continued, ‘I am nothing to you and you are nothing to me but a mere human like others rummaging around these roads. We do not need each other nor do we seek to be noticed by each other, unless you tame me. I may then stand out for you amongst the crowd. I may then be the only one cherished by you, as exotic as I may seem to you after, I can never be compared then to anyone seemingly or remotely alike.’

‘You do understand despite you questioning it we are actually talking now.’ It was my turn to sound amused now.

‘Ah, well. We share a similarity, too. That fact may help you tame me even better.’ It had started strolling now in her patch of grass.

‘What? We do? What could that be?’ I giggled.

‘Our eyes…’

It stared at me. And in no time, I could sense something surreal happening. ‘You. Tamed. Me?’ I was put on mute.

She was on the pavement now, head down, and shivering while it brushed her shoulder with its whiskers and off she went.

Inspired by: The Little Prince.