The soul who was left bleeding


When she could not make sense of the world around her, and all she did was cheering people up with her strokes of compassion and care, when she could not see why those whom she did good with inflicted the gravest pain, when she had made her insides agree to give in and trust and the trust was broken the worst, when she had agreed to keep the bond and she was still betrayed, when she had found her missing part and she dared to complete herself for once and she lost her own self for nothing; then she would wake up crying after fractions of sleep, questioning her love, compassion and sound heart, she would leave the house, run outside the doors, asking all the passersby about her grieving heart, none would answer and all called her insane, she cried with pain and screamed with joy and who could see…

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I write for people. I write for love. In my world you hear all what remains unheard. I welcome both dark and bright with arms wide open. -MsK

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