October 14th

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October 14th

‘Everyone wears a halo around, invisible to everyone, but visible to those who can see through the delusion’, her mind hummed the same thought with the similar binding intensity it had had when it first emerged from the deeper oceans of her consciousness. Despite turning her mid-thirties, she was in awe of the world, its people, nature, the universe; each petal, each shrub, every mountain, every raindrop, every emotion and every expression would leave her flabbergasted, intoned with the morning breeze, or hand in hand with the dusk. Was she losing track of time and space or was it just her mind playing its rusted tricks? ‘How on earth one can get bored of so much wonder, so much magic under one giant infinite roof. How in the name of all the ordinary one can feel the need to seek the super-humans when a mere human is enough to awestruck one’s wits inside-out. Why it is so rare to find someone who isn’t harried by the times and won’t get used to something as far-fetched as living…’

‘So many intricacies to unfold, so many codes to decode and we are stuck in the transitory, the trivial and the nonsense. You want magic? Try describing love without losing your consciousness, or just try figuring out the feeling you get soon after waking up, those brief moments of epiphany can boggle you more than the global economic recession. But worry not, as we do have a few Jokers in the pack of cards around, ones who know what all are oblivious of. They don’t wear the halos, they see them’, she sighed and knotted her fingers round her favorite book in need of some sense of reality check.

The screeching noise of his car engine outside brought her back from the long spree of endless thoughts. She quickly recollected the leftovers of her senses and rushed to open the door. Right before she could turn the latch, a glimpse of him carrying a carton caught her eye from the window beside. She stopped in her steps and waited for him to knock or speak. He thumped his office shoes on the pavement in a habit, put the box down and rang the bell. She smiled inwardly and opened the door. ‘Hi!’

She woke up on the vibration of her phone; it was her colleague reminding her of the research paper due that day. ‘I am on it, I am just too caught up lately’, she tried pacifying her colleague who was all nerves and nonsense on phone. Lord, how much she despised her colleagues that was another long tale to start with. She quickly hung up, got out of bed and rushed to shower in hope to make sense of the reality she had been put into. Oh, she would have traded her present for anything in the world. Such an endless drag her life had been since she got divorced out of an apparently successful marriage of hearts and flowers. He was a hopeful romantic but what made him lose hope in her, she still couldn’t make head or tail of that. His memory was the only bittersweet feel she cherished from the past. She was still in love and there was no turning back from that. ‘Buck up, woman, you are 38 and a successful professor of Literature at a renowned university of New York; what else could you possibly want?’ ‘Umm, meaning in life, perhaps?’ ‘Oh, forget it, no time for that.’ She grabbed her bathrobe and stepped out of the shower.

‘He loved white, let’s wear white today.’ She was talking to herself and the closet full of trendy prêt wear of hers. ‘White long dress would do, with these black sleek Chanel stilettos’. In next 10 minutes, she was ready to get to work. While picking her car keys up from the dressing, something froze her where she was. The calendar on the dressing said, ‘October 14th.’ She gasped for air. It was suddenly claustrophobic inside her spacious room.