You are limitless!

“You are limitless”, someone had told her once. She had brushed aside the thought with all its non-conformity then and led her life on with her head in the clouds and her imagination beyond. Times changed, seasons passed, mother nature remained constant in her ever-changing course; people entered her life, played their parts and departed when they were decreed to. She remained unsure of that and all that stayed and all that was going to enter and was going to leave. Her self-doubt and skepticism in general fueled her self reliance; she could never stay one with her own self, there were so many of her versions, overlapping each other, entangling her further. Could she undo the knots? She never dared. She thought of a better way; she thought of conforming to all her selves, no matter how intriguing and frustrating that got. But that was the only version of conformity she could ever endure. The fault rested with the thought that still budged and prompted in the back of her unrestrained mind, “you are limitless!”. She couldn’t take it more and started looking for some logic to back the thought with. She started with the word that she always adored, that always provided handy inspiration, that was crisp yet profound. The word “Infinity” flashed through all the corners of her convoluted brain and stunned the brain cells too. She waited for the the world outside to shutdown a while so she could focus and bring back logic in action. In vain. Preposterous her thoughts always were and genuine her intentions. So she sought an alternative and opened the door and stepped outside. She headed towards the family park in the midst of her dwelling. She got there in less than ten minutes or that’s how she calculated the distance between her question and the answer she looked for. She crossed the entrance and walked towards the center of the park, treading the yellowish green grass blades beneath, detached and disillusioned, engrossed in the only word that dragged her there. “Infinity”, she whispered and that very instant looked above. She froze there. Stayed there. Life stopped, mother nature gasped, and time seemed to miss a beat. There, just there, in her face, was the answer. So detailed, comprehensive, and just there. It had always been there. How could she ever miss that? She couldn’t even wake up and ask herself as her senses were benumbed and comatose were her nerves. She lost it and tears rolled down her cheeks, she got neurotic, started crying uncontrollably. She had found it. She had found the missing link. She could now resume her journey, that all too long-awaited ceaseless journey within. Infinity was there, up there. It existed. How could it never? The pale white sky above, with white cotton clouds but that wasn’t it. Her gaze traced beyond, far beyond, where darkness prevailed and worlds existed and horizons met. Her eyes traveled even beyond and it couldn’t outline more. She just couldn’t with her finite faculties track the infinity down. She cried and knelt and mourned her limited self. Was she limitless? “He had lied to me”. She lost her senses there, whatever were left, forever.


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I write for people. I write for love. In my world you hear all what remains unheard. I welcome both dark and bright with arms wide open. -MsK

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