Last Word…

To Love,
Not long ago, it started off with spontaneity and grace, bit by bit, step by step. There was amazement and awe, which soon shifted places with affection and infatuation, not in the same order perhaps. The impression was of extreme reverence and care but it lasted not more than an eye blink.
He thought she needed a hand with her isolation and absolute solitude, she thought he understood better. The perceptions clicked, similarities emerged, differences seemed to last no longer or mattered less. Whatever was the ground, it did seem firm and reliable to endure the new feeling. Soon, she understood, he had been through a lot and that he had nothing more to offer than mere time. While, he thought she never knew, and thus he used every moment to remind her of the fact. She would smile inside at his naivety and the fact he thought he knew her better. She went with the flow to let him figure that out himself.
He brought feelings, care and emotions along, quite handsome were his words and reassuring his gestures. She just stayed there, all that while, bemused. She knew it was transient. Then they would argue the social facts, religious dogmas and relationship rules. He would speak, she would negate and vice verse, but in vain. The similarities shadowed, differences appeared yet they thought their version of reality was more real than the sun above.
Soon urges paved their way in; no they had been there all along but who knew they were tangible and lasting. He compromised his vows and she her values, yet both remained hollow and wanting. They thought it was love what they felt and thus trusted it and went deeper. Soon they found themselves on the banks of the river of expectations, gushing its waves and scaring their passions off. All too soon the clouds of mistrust appeared; and all that instant, her expressions never altered. She was dumbfounded at the brevity of what she presumed a soulful pact with him. Nothing left of the bond but a few sighs, and some downtrodden words of affection. She stayed there, beside the river of expectations, thinking, wondering, alone.
With love,


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I write for people. I write for love. In my world you hear all what remains unheard. I welcome both dark and bright with arms wide open. -MsK

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